Hello everyone !

Here is my participation in the https://itch.io/jam/weekly-game-jam-13,

The theme was : Rat race

I literally followed the expression rat race to the letter.

The idea came to me by looking at the french wikipedia page on rats, there is a picture of a rat in Gambia whose role is to detect mines !

How to play ?

On the title page, you have the choice between two game mode : you can play the Day, or you can play the Night. Just press the D or the N key to enter the level you've selected.

Use the arrow key to move the rat until the finish line, be careful, you can't cross it as long as you don't deactivate all the mines. To deactivate a mine, just move on it !

As usual, i made it all alone, from graphics to music and sound.

I hope you'll enjoy play this game, and don't forget to leave me any comments if you want :-)


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The concept is quite cool, and I like the way that mines beep to make them easier to find. The main menu theme sounds terrible (sorry, it does), but the level song is pretty good. I would like to hear a longer loop of it.

The menu looks really good. I like the way day mode, the top of the game's title, and night mode all glow in contrast to the dark, gloomy surroundings.  It's very clear what you're supposed to do. I chose day mode first, which was a clever way to make me play the tutorial without labeling it as such or giving me on-screen instructions.

The visual design in-level is also great.- the rocks, mine, rat, and background are all very easy to distinguish from each other, since each has a distinct size, shape, and color. The audio que with the mines makes it fun to hunt them fast. I am not, however, a big fan of the player model or its animations.

Over all, it's a solid experience that left me wanting more. 

Three small improvements:

Have the mines explode at some point

Improve the animations for the rat, especially in day mode, where it's more zoomed in on it

Replace the main menu theme, or use the level theme for it too, and extend the loop so it doesn't get annoying after two minutes.

Hi chaoticnuketral ! Thanks for this comment, i really love when people leave me comments, and yours are always very complete and argued !

I'm really sorry that the main menu theme displeases you so much, but it's true that this is really not my strong point :-/ Next time, i'll try to do a little better. I use Deflemask to create all the "music" of my games, in this software, we have the choice between several systems. I almost always choose the sound of the Commodore 64 ^^.

As the game is a race where you have to make the best possible time, I wanted everything to be as clear as possible, and i'm rather proud that the goal seems reached ^^.

it's funny what you say about the rat and its animation, because that is precisely the part where I applied the most ^ ^

When you say : "Have the mines explode at some point", the idea is that if the player is to slow to disarm a mine, it explodes?

Thanks again for the interest you have in my games.

Best regards

Thank you!

Music is kind of subjective, but I tend not to like harsh, high pitched tones too much.

You definitely did what you set out to do :)

That's interesting. What were you trying to make the rat's animation feel like?

I think it might be fun to have a third mode where the mines explode after three or four beeps.

Thanks for continuing to make interesting games :)

Hi chaoticnuketral, sorry for the late reply (i'm getting married in a week, so i really don't have a minute for me anymore ^^ ). For the music, i hope i can improve myself one day ^^.

About the rat's animation, i 'm not sure i've done something very realistic, maybe it's look like an animation of a cartoon dog or something... :-P

Thank you again for your interest in my games ! Can i follow you on twitter or something ?

Oh, congrats!

I don't have a twitter, sorry. I've been told to make one, so if I ever do, I'll let you know :)

As for music and animation, there are lots of solutions. You can find free stuff online or find talented people to help you out. You can also learn to do it yourself, but that's a little more time intensive.

I'll keep playing your games because I enjoy them, so please keep making them (when you have time, of course)

I got a twitter. I'm @RoslynFireheart

Thanks ^^.

For the animations, I have more or less difficulty to make them according to the points of view of the object or the character. I don't really like using existing stuff. Even if the music or the sfx don't sounds terrible, at least everything os homemade ^^.

Thanks again for your very very nice comments !!! It helps me a lot to keep doing my best to make games !! It's really cool that you have a twitter account now, i'll see that very soon :-)