Hi everybody !

First Ludum Dare for me, I have already made other game jam (including the weekly game jam which has a great community), but I really wanted to do this one since the time I hear about it.

So here's is my participation for the Ludum Dare 40 (theme was "The more you have, the worse it is")

title : Neighborhood's madness

game's objective : you must be able to find the best possible balance between a quiet neighborhood and good social relations.

To achieve this, you have 6 actions, 3 nice actions (in order to have good social relations) and 3 malicious (or bad, really bad) actions (to keep order in the neighborhood).

How to play ?

Use your mouse to click the action you wanted, then click on the neighborhood's house (or even on your house, have a clean garden can help you to increase your sociability)

Remember to keep an eye on the 2 gauges, if they go down too much, you risk losing the game .

I hope you enjoy playing this game, and do not hesitate to leave me a comment, it's always nice ^


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Lots of interesting ideas here. Notably, emptying your calm meter doesn't result in a game over, the bar just goes in the wrong direction. It would have been nice to see more custom animations, or reactions from your neighbors :)

Thanks again, it was my first Ludum Dare, a very nice experience, I tried to keep a normal life during this weekend, so necessarily the whole is a bit simple. 

I really love the idea, congrats! :)

Thanks @drludos, it's more or less the first idea who comes to me ^^