Hello Every one and welcome to "Broken SpaceShip's complete Demo !"

It's an update from the previous demo.

This is literally the sequel of my first demo called "space lander demo".

I did everything alone, from the music to the sound f.x, the graphics etc... So be indulgent ^^.

The commands :

left, right and down arrow for moving.

Spacebar down: - make the ship flying, as long as there is fuel remaining.

- stay on the floor and the fuel reserve will grow automatically.

Don't forget that the SpaceShip is a little bit broken on the start of the game, as the levels increase, the ship will fly longer, speeder etc..


And if you want support the efforts and the passion of another real "amateur developper", do not hesitate to give something !!!

Thanks for playing ! ^^

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Published 67 days ago


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I like your game, beautiful graphics and good idea :)

Thanks Tetsuro ^^. I hope i can do more one day... ^^