Hello Every one and welcome to "Broken SpaceShip demo version 1.0b" !

It's an update from the previous demo.

This is literally the sequel of my first demo called "space lander demo".

What's new ?? Almost everything !

I did everything alone, from the music to the sound f.x, the graphics etc... So be indulgent ^^.

The commands :

left, right and down arrow for moving.

Spacebar : - on the floor -> jump

- in the air -> use the boost

And if you want support the efforts and the passion of another real "amateur developper", do not hesitate to give something !

Thanks for playing ! ^^

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Published 154 days ago
StatusIn development


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This is very fun!

Thanks Rangooo, this kind of comments makes me feel good ^^. For information the final demo is avalaible, it's called "broken SpaceShip complete demo". I hope you'll enjoy this too !